Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Yes ,this is normal If there are regular creases on the screen surface after the screen is opened,don't worry. phenomenon.It is caused by the screen beina curled and tiahtened for a lona timewhich does not affect the user's viewing. After opening the screen for a period of time you will notice that the stripes on the screen will gradually disappear.
Please note that when placing this product please make sure that the product is alwavs in a horizontal state Do not place the screen in an inclined or vertical position 2. After using for a period of time,if the cover on both ends of the screen is slightly tiltedthere is no need to worry This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the viewing and use.In additiondue to the cover warping there is a gap between the screen and the housing case after closingwhich is also a normal phenomenon.
Warm tips, if you mind the following conditions do not purchase!!!!! 1. When there are a few black spots white spotsstains and other impurities on the screen surface,but if they are qualifiedaccording to the detection methodthen such situ ation is not a product quality problemand it is within the scope of product qualification It is normal to see no blemishes at a viewing distance of three meters if the visible dirt is within the allowable For the faint linear printing trace. For the inks caused by uneven printing traces, if within the allowable range of defects, the product is normal. It should be noted that the slight black marks on the black screen surface are inevitable appearance phe nomena in the production process of industrial productswhich meet the factory qualification standard. which will never affect the image viewing quality.Please use it at ease. Warm tips, if you mind the following conditions do not purchase!
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