Review pantalla Vividstorm

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REVIEWS, JOSÉ RAMOS Review pantalla Vividstorm Este chiquitín no es cualquier cosa, además de ser eléctrica los materiales de construcción son especiales para la proyección. LINK DE COMPRA. ¿Como la ves ves? Unboxing y primeras impresiones de la...

TV or Projector ?Which one is more your home theater setup?

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If you have room to spare in your home, then there's the thought of building and setting up a home theater or other home entertainment setup, especially if you already have an old home theater system that you've...

Best Motorized Projection Screen - VIVIDSTORM Our Top Pick

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Are you still using a traditional LCD TV or a projector? Have you considered buying a motorized projector screen?If you have this idea or you have already bought a projector or screen. You're already one step closer to...