What is ALR? Does the projector have to use an ALR screen?

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Nowadays, home theaters are becoming more and more popular and sought after by people. Not only are there more and more brands and types of projectors, but also the types and functions of the screen of the projectors...

Esta PANTALLA es INCREÍBLE 😱 Las Peliculas 4K y Juegos se ven impresionantes...

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Thanks for sharing, The video comes from the author:Machina4K  Label from: puedes comprar acá: content of this YouTube channel is provided for informational, review or tutorial purposes only, under fair use.#vividstorm #projectorscreen #pantallaalr

Collection of Vivistorm Projection Screen Customer Feedback and Reviews

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#share #feedback #Reviews Thanks to the customers who like and trust our screen for sharing, not only show the various usage scenarios of our projection screen, different sizes, but also fully demonstrate the advantages of our projection screen light...