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Elevate Your Viewing Experience with VIVIDSTORM 2024 Upgrade NextGen Motorized Screen: "Hey, Siri" Enabled

by ZhouQiaoli 21 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Experience the Future of Home Entertainment with Screen Control from Your iOS/Android Phone

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the future of home entertainment? Introducing the VIVIDSTORM 2024 Upgrade NextGen Motorized Screen – the world's first motorized projector screen controlled directly from your iOS/Android phone. With innovative features and seamless integration, transform your space with just a tap of your finger and elevate your viewing experience to new heights.

Quieter and More Reliable Performance:
Embrace tranquility with our newly developed motor featuring an integrated control system. Enjoy whisper-quiet operation and unparalleled reliability for uninterrupted cinematic enjoyment.

Effortless Height Adjustment:
Say goodbye to complexity with our second generation height adjustment system, which can be operated remotely via remote control. Setting up your screen is now as easy as Easy-Peasy.

Enhanced Compatibility with Upgraded USB Trigger:
Our upgraded USB Trigger, utilizing the latest 868.63 RF protocol, ensures compatibility with 99.99% of projectors for seamless synchronization. Smaller and smarter, it's the ultimate companion for your home theater setup.

Customizable Power Cable Location:
Tailor your setup to your space with our flexible power cable location feature. Whether you prefer left or right placement, the choice is yours to meet your unique configuration needs.

Enhanced Signal Reception with Upgraded RF Remote Controller:
Bid farewell to infrared limitations with our upgraded RF remote controller, now powered by the 868.63 RF protocol. Enjoy a tenfold increase in signal strength for effortless control.

Custom Configuration Options for Centralized Control:
Unlock centralized control capabilities with our configurable control panel equipped with infrared (IR) support. Tailor your setup to integrate seamlessly into your smart home environment upon request.

Seamless Smart Home Integration with New App Control:
Experience unparalleled convenience with our all-new iOS/Android applications for screen control. Connect via Wi-Fi and take command of your entertainment experience from anywhere in your home.

Elevate Paris Olympics 2024 with a Quick-Install Screen

Experience the magic of the Paris Olympics 2024 from the comfort of your own home with VIVIDSTORM's quick-install motorized screen. Transform your space in just 30 seconds and immerse yourself in the excitement of the games. Click for details and be a part of the action like never before!

Elevate your viewing experience and embrace the future of home entertainment with VIVIDSTORM 2024 Upgrade NextGen Motorized Screen. Welcome to a new era of immersive entertainment – welcome to VIVIDSTORM.

"Hey Siri!" Command Guide: Steps for Using an App

If you are interested in our projection screen, please buy it through this link:

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